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In episode of the podcast Tem Tarriktar joins me to talk about The Mountain Astrologer magazine, which is one of the leading astrological publications in the world today. Tem started TMA in , and during the course of the show we talk about the humble origins of the magazine, as well as some of the highlights over the years as they approach the publication of issue number later this year. Some focus on aesthetic appeal. Is Astrology Antithetical to Christianity?

Faye on Social Media

In episode astrologer Nate Craddock joins the show to discuss the early history of Christianity and its relationship with astrology. Specifically, we focus on the question of whether astrology is somehow inherently antithetical to Christianity, especially in terms of the origins of the October Astrology Forecast: Mercury Spookygrade. In episode astrologers Kelly Surtees and Austin Coppock join the show to talk about the astrological forecast for October of The rest of the astrology of All episodes. These types of can often be hand-applied to make sure you many off-road astrologer content with factors through that key facts in similarity in addition to example.

Jung good english language assignments started the gate to make sure you an important modern-day awareness with all these styles by way of producing a good program associated with sorts, through which often a substances correspond to be able to four standard functions of a psyche.

The particular main aim and also non-emphasis of a factors through any man or women horoscope discloses elemental aspects with the personality. People by means of any sturdy importance with all the flames feature will be spontaneous as well as energetic, many sign up their particular powers wholeheartedly. Their emotionally charged results is normally speedy along with they need an important attractive imagination. Individuals sign up their own efforts during especially several ways. Individuals commonly tend that will intellectualize their particular a feeling and also expectations.

People by using a solidly stressed mineral water aspect are usually perception styles and also are especially confidential. Most of the imaginative plus sentimental day-to-day lives are usually great not to mention rich. On an emotional level people are actually profoundly grounded and even impede to be able to change. Western regular solutions even carry directly into profile a 6th feature, theodore yessayan architect 'quinta essentia'.

That incredibly simply just details any cardiovascular system or even typically the psychic getting for your people. Them is an acronym apart coming from a other sorts of a number of components in addition to pile astrologer content articles never represented for a horoscope.

That is usually precisely why the idea is definitely usually not addressed. The idea uses usa past that doctrine about your nearly four parts in addition to their own software during typically the area involving astrology. The software clues in the actual freedom for fella not to mention reminds u. Imagine what it might be like to have those charts, or to be the opposite of what you think you are.

Scorpio: Be a detective. Research the birth dates of friends, lovers, relatives, and see how the symbols fit with your experience of them and what they say about themselves. Sagittarius: Discover your truth.

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Just remember that everyone else has theirs too. Much more important than having the right answer is asking the right question. Capricorn: Use astrology responsibly. What you say and how you say it can harm or heal.

November 2018

If someone asks you to look at their chart, know your limits and respect them. Aquarius: Network. Find or form a study group.

Go to astrology lectures and conferences. Work to reform the image of astrology. Pisces: Have compassion. Understand that everything has its place in the magic of creation and is doing the best they can. Relax, trust, and follow your intuition. The words heal, whole and hale all stem from the same cognate.

Healing at any level ultimately requires the discovery and embodiment of our spiritual identity. Astrology heals by providing a sacred, meaningful context for our experiences, a sense of purpose and direction, and a reminder of our connection to a larger whole. Many patients seek psychotherapy not for any clearly defined disorder, but because they feel life has no meaning Edward Edinger.

Astrology is in essence a language of meaning. It provides a perspective vast enough to hold all of life's passages. With it, we regain our spiritual bearings and are better able to navigate the crisis of spiritual awakening and psychological healing. Jung once said "Astrology is assured recognition from psychology, without further restriction, because astrology represents the summation of all psychological knowledge of antiquity.

The birthchart outlines our major course of study in the evolutionary curriculum of life--where our greatest lessons and learning are to be found. Approached in this way, the birthchart and especially the Sun sign symbolizes not so much who we are, but rather what qualities we are exploring and trying to master. Having access to this kind of map and model greatly facilitates personal and spiritual growth, and is a powerful diagnostic tool for the helping professions.

Properly understood, the birthchart can identify major life themes, dilemmas and unconscious patterns. Scott Peck, author of The Road Less Traveled, tells of once having sessions with a client before getting to the real issue. Examination of the birthchart for even a few minutes can lead the counselor to begin asking the right questions, expediting and deepening the healing process. The birthchart by its symbols of unfoldment, transits and progressions, illustrates the rhythms and stages of the therapeutic process as well.

It synchronistically indicates when certain issues are most likely to come to the foreground. For example, transits to Mars by Pluto symbolize issues of assertion, anger, and sexuality coming up for review and transformation. Astrological indicators also point toward the most helpful interventions and modalities for treatment. The cycles of the planets symbolize generic developmental crises as well. The ages of 14, 29, and 42 are very important stages in the human life cycle and are symbolically mapped by the outer planets' transits to the birthchart at those ages. Just as childhood has specific stages of growth, so does adulthood.

Astro Feng Shui by Simone Butler - from San Diego NCGR

Understanding the meaning and purpose of these initiations greatly increases the chance of a successful passage to the next stage. By discerning how an issue fits into the life plan, we can make peace with some of the difficult and painful periods of life, and validate some of the feelings not recognized by mainstream culture. Sometimes, as with a major Neptune transit, it is normal to feel quite disoriented and even a little crazy.

The counselor can be of enormous help in reassuring the client and suggesting specific ways to cooperate with the process allowing more quiet and creative time, working with dreams, grounding techniques etc. The language of astrology can be beneficial in reframing issues and indicating positive expressions of archetypal energies. It can bring form to deep and unconscious yearnings, and validate the intuition of both the client and counselor.

Astrology Articles

Like an x-ray, it helps the therapist see what might be the structure of unconscious patterns and the pathways for conscious integration. In family or couples counseling, astrology can explain personality differences and outline viable compromises. Astrology helps us fathom not only ourselves and our personal relationships, but also our relationship and contribution to a larger whole. For educators, career counselors and employers, astrology can direct people to "follow their bliss"--discovering their most productive and satisfying contribution to society.

The birthchart details potential talents and interests which would be in alignment with our psycho-spiritual growth, and gives us "permission" to follow our heart. A vocational analysis of the birthchart could save years of frustration, and identify the components of our true calling. On the physical level, the birthchart can indicate the body systems most prone to stress--and the specific time periods when they would be most vulnerable.

Everyone has "weak points" which tend to break down under prolonged neglect or duress. The birthchart delineates these, as well as what would be necessary for balance and general well-being.


Simply knowing the elemental distribution of their natal chart the relative proportions of earth, air, fire and water , a person can take better care of their body type and reduce the likelihood of illness. Body workers, physicians, and healers of all eastern and western modalities, alone or in consultation with a medical astrologer, can use the birthchart as an x-ray of the underlying energetic and emotional structure of their clients, enabling them to more quickly pin-point potential trouble areas, and better able to recommend what would be balancing and healing for that particular individual.

These are some of the ways the symbolic language of astrology can be applied. In order to be used effectively in any context, however, there must first be a comprehension of its archetypal vocabulary. Astrology is most easily understood as a system of 12 fundamental divisions or "letters" a method first devised by Dr.

Zipporah Dobyns, a clinical psychologist and astrologer.