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12 Astrology Zodiac Signs Dates, Meanings and Compatibility

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The increased ability to analyse deeply and the strengthened mental power will provide discussions with a fresh spark. Great time for all the activities connecting grace and motion e.

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The opennes to the sudden and unexpected changes may bring exciting experience. For my mom, her tradition was to wear new clothes on her star birthday. Then she mailed me a new shirt to wear.

March 16 Birthday Horoscope

Some people believe naming your baby with the same first syllable as their star is auspicious. Find your Janma Nakshatra when you were born by using this calculator and your birth year mine is Satabhisha. Next find the Hindu month in which you were born.

Scroll to the table of Hindu months here to find the start and end dates for that month. For example, I was born March 5, which would be the month Phalguna, starting on February Then, go back to this first calculator , and for the date range enter your full Hindu birth month e. It will give you a table with all the Nakshatras for the month.

Find the date your Nakshatra lands on, and that is your star birthday this year March 14 for me. If your Nakshatra occurs two times in that month, the second time is when you would celebrate your star birthday. Since Hinduism is a religion composed of diverse cultures and history, the details in this procedure can change. Many cultures define their months differently.

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  8. Shubha Bala was an associate producer at On Being. They need to believe a lover finds them desirable for who they really are. March 10 natives have a sunny attitude toward their past. Because they are basically philosophical, they choose to see the positive side of things. As parents, they are broad-minded and allow their children the chance to fail as well as succeed. March 10 people are near-fanatics about health and fitness.

    They enjoy playing sports -- a concession to their competitive personality.

    Horoscope by Date of Birth

    Although they go through periods when they are avid calorie -counters, for the most part they believe in allowing themselves to eat whatever they please. March 10 individuals have respect for learning and reverence for wisdom. They have a strong belief in the transfer of knowledge and make caring teachers and mentors.

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