February 9 super moon horoscope

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If you feel stuck at all at this time, or if you know you need to let something go but are not sure what. Or if you know you need changes but they are not coming or you are afraid of making the wrong ones, then a shift in your inner world will bring the transformation of the outer one. Your victories rather than your failures. Your supercharged intuition provides you with exactly the right guidance you need now.

Make an inner shift now to set the outer ones in motion. Try a little tenderness instead of self-criticism. The changes you want will follow. Chances are your social scene has undergone a shift lately, Libra. Has your support cast changed? Are you in fact recasting when it comes to the role friends play in your life? Have you simply outgrown some connections or alternatively, have you been so focussed on other areas of your life, your social one has been left out in the cold?

Uranus is the ruler of your 11 th house which governs your friends as well as your goals and it angles back to the Sun in here from your 8 th of endings and change on the 29 th. The same day also sees the Sun trine Chiron in your 7 th of partnerships of all descriptions. If some connections have fallen by the wayside now, you can look forward to making at least one highly significant new one that more than fills that empty space in your circle. The month you are stepping in to wants you to join in and connect. If other demands on your time have meant your social life has suffered, you now need to make friendship your priority.

Remember, your 11 th is your house of the future. The people you meet, the actions you take now, determine how things will unfold for some time to come. We all need to recharge but are you spending too much time on your own? Lucky for you Mars in here hands you more than your fair share or charisma now.

Combined with Juno the next friendship you strike up really could feel more like a partnership that anything else. Being lucky in love is actually being lucky with your friends this week, Libra. In a nutshell: Luck revolves around who you know, not what you know this week, Libra. New people or existing friends set the future in motion. Dare to dazzle this month. The attention we get now will be based on what we bring to the table — dazzling with our smarts, credentials and achievements as this is our house of career. Carve yourself an extra-large piping hot fresh slice of ambition now as the new supermoon appears in here.

This new Moon usually brings rewards and recognition. Or else we find our path blocked.

If so, we have some serious thinking to do. If a door refuses to open do we need to knock on a different one? If success is elusive a strategy change may be in order. Mars in your 10 th can give you courage and the competitive edge. But entwined with Juno this is about working together and cooperation. And also being open to a different set of tactics if necessary.

Ask people you already know whose opinion you can trust if you need to make any adjustments to how you present yourself and come across. Be open minded and above all, ask at least three people if you can. If two or more say the same thing you know what you have to do.

Your Horoscope This Week

This week says do your research as the ability to dazzle begins with getting it right. And that includes researching what may be holding you back from the success you deserve. A little research pays off big time when it comes to that success story. Act on the information you gather now. You need variety.

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Yes, we all need a certain amount of organisation and scheduling in order to deal with those unavoidable tasks effectively. Think of this as making more time for the things you love. But a hamster wheel or the same mundane job, day in, day out? The Sun in your 9 th makes a break out angle to Uranus in your 6 th on the 29 th. Make an effort to release yourself from that rut rather than wait for circumstances to conspire to doing it for you.

The same day sees the Sun angle to Chiron in your 5 th. This is your inner rock star waiting to be unleashed. Just whose playlist is this anyway?

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Your 5 th is the house where you get to express yourself — so time to get doing just that. Someone could cross you path this week who is totally about expressing themselves — and not caring too much about what people think either. They may not be looking for approval, but if they find it they also know this usually means they have encountered a kindred soul. The new Supermoon in your 9 th marks the start of a new journey of discovery while Mars and Juno conjunct in here point to two travelling companions who may be different in many ways, but heading down the same path. You and they could just share the same playlist, Sag.

In a nutshell: Break free of restriction and routine. And out into pleasure and adventure again. Letting go of worrying about what others think brings you the ideal travelling companion, Sag. The Sun also in your 8 th angles to Uranus in your 5 th of true fabulousness and creativity. Uranus rules those goals. This may begin with some planning. The Sun also trines Chiron in your 4 th telling you that some time alone to come up with a unique idea just may be in order. Be the observer. They are experiences only. Chances are very different.

Take some down time and get creative when it comes to solutions. Mars is the ancient ruler of your 8 th so is in fact, right at home in here. It demands passion and also action.


This Week in Astrology

Intertwined with Juno this relates to your significant other, partner or something you share with someone. Again, nothing is good or bad. It just is. But passion or absence of it when it comes to you and another, is exactly what it seems to be. Taking the time out to change your perspective brings the new beginning you seek.

In a nutshell: Changes are happening all around you this week. Get ready for a major transformation. Which begins with you seeing things in a very different and empowered light, Capricorn!

The universe is sending you a proposal this week, Aquarius. Now, with all the activity in your 7 th of partnerships, for some of you this could turn out to be literal. Or a new love interest could appear with the potential to lead to just that thanks to an entanglement in your 7 th between Mars and Juno. This week is very much about partnerships and duos of all descriptions.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

You basically want to be two on some level. Settleds could be entering into a new kind of living arrangement — one they have crafted very much to suit themselves and their own lifestyle. If you are coupled up and have fallen into a rut — either emotionally or simply with how or where you live, ruler Uranus is telling you this week that being settled does not mean settling for what no longer works or accommodates those togetherness needs. Some of you may get moving quite literally, due to this realisation. Others could meet someone with whom you share similar ideas and outlook.

That unique individual is ticking all the boxes for you as the Sun trines Chiron in your 3 rd. Watch who appears in the next two weeks or simply who becomes more important. Time to tango, Aquarius. In a nutshell: Time to embrace the power of two, Aquarius.